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Morton Capital was founded on the idea of bringing more accessible investment options to everyone.

We wanted to take away the risk and high volatility of paper investments like stocks and bonds so people could earn money easier and with less risk. With our physical assets in real estate, we aim to give everyone the chance to invest and grow their money with ease.


By utilizing real estate investments, we are able to give you a tangible and viewable look at the growth of your money. There is never a moment we want you to be unsure about where your money is going and how much you’re getting back. Our services bring you historic long-term market returns of 8% through real estate investments with less risk than traditional stock investments.

We work hard, so you make money.

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our mission

We understand wanting to invest but being fearful of the risk behind it.

That is why our goal is to provide great returns for investors using tangible assets and without the volatility of the stock market. We are here to help you get to the life of your dreams.


I have been with Joel for almost ten years first as a financial advisor, then as an investment partner. Not having a financial background, Joel has always explained things to me in a way that I can understand and in a patient manner. Joel has managed my wealth in a way that I was able to achieve my goals much sooner than expected and has helped me to be able to set new goals and achieve them much sooner than I thought possible. Joel has truly become a valuable member of my portfolio as well as my family's future.
When I first met with Morton Capital, I had it just lost my husband and was very concerned about my financial security. Joel said "you'll be fine," and spent time talking with me about my current position and investment opportunities available to me, basically creating a roadmap to retirement, which was a different experience than I had with previous advisers who always seem to be "selling." Joel was right. Today, I am very happy with my investments and I definitely see retirement in my future! Thank you Morton Capital!
I’ve invested with Morton Capital for several years. In the past, I have watched family members worry about the volatility of their investments and what would be left for family. Joel has helped me add to my monthly income while keeping my investments less volatile and more secure for my "golden years."

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