Real estate offers a safe, high-return, and low-volatility investment. If you are looking to add this type of investment to your portfolio, don’t go on this wealth journey alone. Here at Morton Capital, we work hard so you make money. If you want to diversify into real estate, we can help you choose the right path and investment and, in the end, get you to the wealth goals you are looking for.

We offer many investment options for your portfolio and can get you on the path to a secure investment future. Whether you are looking for a passive income or future savings, look to us to get you there.

Single-Family Homes

A single-family home option is essentially a standalone home on a property. Your investment will go toward purchasing the house and then renting it out to tenants, earning your money back from the investment and more as the years progress. A single-family home is a great way to obtain a positive cash flow, earn back your investment quickly, and gain long-term profit.

Single-family homes are more likely to have higher appreciation rates than other real estate options and will continue to be a necessity. These homes provide an appreciated investment with low rent possibilities for tenants. This can keep your profits growing over the years. Investing in multiple single-family homes in different areas and neighborhoods can also lead to strong diversification within your portfolio and keep you earning high profits.

Multi-Family Homes

A multi-family house includes properties that have more than one unit in the building, such as townhouses, condos, apartments, and duplexes. This investment will get you a more significant cash flow as you have multiple tenants living on the property at once, and offer a lower field of risk as you have more tenants in the building and less chance of vacancy. If you do have a vacancy, you have other tenants that are still providing you with income.

Your portfolio will become more diverse with the number of units you have invested in. If most of these units are within one building and not multiple single-family homes, you can save time and energy keeping up with them.

Real Estate Properties

At Morton Capital, we offer tangible, low-risk, and high-return investments. Whether through a single-family or multi-family home, we work with you to take your goals, risk levels, and current wealth into consideration to get you on a successful investment path.

Real estate has shown through economic fluctuations that it continues to be a profitable and strong investment method. Real estate is one of your best options if you are looking for something long-term and to help build a wealthier future.

Let’s get you started with your real estate investment today. Contact the team at Morton Capital.