Diversifying your investment portfolio is the best way to save for retirement. However, with the numerous different types of investments, there is a lot to consider when choosing to invest a large amount of money. 

Real estate investments are seen as exceptional long-term investments if you want to grow your wealth over time and see a high return, but how does real estate compare to the other options? When you are looking to invest in your future, you want to make the best choice for your goals and wealth opportunities. While real estate can offer a low risk and high return on your investment, understanding the other options available is essential. 

Bonds, mutual funds, stocks, and cryptocurrency is a mix of well-known and on the rise investment options. Compared to real estate, they may work for people’s goals and lifestyles, but it all starts with understanding each on their own. 


Bonds are loans that the government, corporations, or individuals take and then promise a fixed interest rate on the sum of money. Compared to stocks, bonds are less risky, but compared to real estate, bonds are less likely to get you as high of a return. 

Bonds will often take decades to mature, sometimes 30 years, leaving them very difficult to withdraw or see proper earnings from until later down the road. There is also a chance that the bond issuer will default, leading you not to get the interest you have accumulated over time. Inflation prices can also affect a bond if you choose or are forced to take out your bond during a low point, causing you to lose money. However, bonds may be useful if you are looking for something overtly safe with a fixed interest rate. 

Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are a great way to invest in stocks without putting all your money into one company. These are considered investment pools where an asset manager or broker invests money into multiple companies. 

However, with the funds being controlled by an outside investor, you do not have control over where the money is being invested, and you could risk investing through a bad broker or in bad investments. On the other hand, allowing someone else to invest for you can save you time and stress in choosing the right path for your investment. Mutual funds can be good for long-term investments and diversification. 


Unlike mutual funds, investing in stock can be seen as risky and both a long-term and short-term investment route. You are investing your money into a corporation and reaping its profits. You earn your money back when you sell your stock, hopefully with a high return. 

Stocks are great for those looking for a quick and high return. You have the ability to sell your stock at any point, unlike bonds or other types of investment options. However, stocks are considered to have high volatility in a quickly changing market. They need constant checking in on and watching to ensure you get the highest return possible. 


Cryptocurrency is a digital currency. Bitcoin is a great example of a well-known and seemingly ever-fluctuating cryptocurrency. However, with crypto being relatively new to the market, many forms are extremely risky and unknown. Crypto is considered outside the field of our normal dollar, able to perform when other economical vehicles fail, but this leaves it harder to track. 

Cryptocurrency is still new, making it challenging for people to understand and invest in. It can also be harder to spend. Bitcoin is only now becoming a form of currency to purchase products with, but other than that, crypto would need to be sold to make any profit. 

Real Estate

Real estate allows investors to have low volatility, high return, and stable long-term investment for their future. With the option to purchase real estate independently or through a firm, there are many options for people to get different benefits that real estate offers. While you can’t withdraw from the investment as quickly as others, real estate offers high returns no matter the ups and downs of other stocks and bonds. 

Real estate provides a passive income to those who invest and can be easier to understand compared to other types of investments. By investing through a firm, you can reap the rewards of the estate while not having to worry about the back-end responsibilities. A firm can help take your future wealth goals and interpret them into a real estate investment that can earn you more over time. 

The choice of investment can change from person to person. However, real estate could be the answer if you are looking for a long-term, less risky, and higher-return investment. If you need help planning your future wealth, reach out to the team at Morton Capital.